Express boarding

While the driver is boarding the vehicle, the other passengers can embark by the gangway and settle themselves on-board without waiting.
Handy when you have children

per passenger

Top position offer

You want to disembark without waiting? This offer is for you.
The driver parks the car in front of the boat's doors.
At disembarkation, your vehicle will then be placed among the first, just in front of the exit so that you can start your holidays without waiting.

per crossing

Special offers

New ! Special Fare Open Island
From 49
New ! Time to Think 48 hours to change your mind
as a family

-50% for children
from 4 to 12 years
Board all
your luggage !
from 69 /person
2 persons &
camping car

from 100 Savona - Bastia One way
Travel in
good company

from 17 The crossing
for your dog