Exceptional transport

Beyond the following dimensions (20.00 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, 4.30 meter high and 40 tons), your vehicle is considered as a wide load.
In order to make your crossing possible, please send us by mail a detailed sketch mentioning the length, width, height, weight and the space between the axle-trees.
For this type of transport, a specific tariff is applied.
All wide loads need to be at the port at least 2 hours before departure; otherwise, the reservation will not be guaranteed.

Transport of live animals

As experts in animal transport, such as horse transport, our main concern is their well-being. Our procedures are therefore very strict and in compliance with the European legislation. Our strength concerning this type of transport is the regularity and rapidity of our crossings.
Warning, restrictions can be applied before certain departures.

transport of dead animals

Transport of dead animals is also possible on board of our ships.
For hygienic and security reasons, packaging in air-tight boxes and under controlled temperatures is imperative in order to avoid any kind of leakage which could lead to a boarding refusal.
For this type of transport, a specific tariff is applied.

Transport of dangerous substances

Any kind of dangerous substance requires the respect of a set of very strict rules in term of procedure in order to ensure the safety of our equipment, passengers and onboard staff.
These rules are dictated by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code (code IMDG) specifically for the maritime transportation of such products.
Any reservation needs to be done by mail at [email protected], and needs to include the designation of the product, the category, the UN number and the packaging group.
This type of transport is submitted to verifications.
A duly-filled multinational declaration of transport of dangerous substances needs to be forwarded to us at least 72 hours before departure with the following mentions: UN code, category of product to be transported, the packaging group and its technical specification sheet in order to inform the port authorities of the departure and arrival ports.
Finally, access to the port and dock parking areas of the products may be regulated.
For this type of transport, a specific tariff is applied.

Transport of merchandise under controlled temperatures

Electric energy distribution to the refrigeration systems of refrigerating vehicles can be provided on our ferries.
Clients requiring an electric connection for their vehicle need to notify us while booking crossings and need to mention all the possible different temperatures corresponding to the different compartments during online registration.
The company is not responsible for possible merchandise damages which results from a default or breakdown of the refrigerating group of the vehicle or its thermostat.
You need to make sure that the supplied voltage corresponds to the one requested (electric connection 32A/50 - 60Hz/400V).
Vehicles whose electric connection does not correspond to these norms may be refused boarding. The electric connection on board is done by our electricians in your presence in compliance with the elements declared online.