The integral multiple-risks contract from 6 €/person/return.
During booking, choose the Allianz Travel insurance policy which suits you the best and travel stress-free !
Guarantee Multiple-risk contract
Cancellation or modification
- Cancellation or modification of the crossing following an unforeseen event under guarantee or because of a change in the dates of days off by your employer.
Travelers' insurance
- Repatriation insurance, insurance of the person insured's children (minors), visit from a close relation in the case of hospitalization of the passenger assured abroad, hospitalization costs, emergency medical costs abroad, emergency services costs, assistance in the case of the death of the insured passenger, legal assistance abroad, assistance for an anticipated return, provision of a chauffeur to bring back the insured person's car.
Vehicle assistance
- Assistance for tourism cars and two-wheelers in the case of the insured passenger's vehicle being stolen. Assistance for caravans in the case of the insured passenger's caravan being found after his way back.
Luggage damage
- Damages to belongings under guarantee during transport or the stay, theft of valuable objects.

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